Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiayan

Following activities were undertaken on the inaugural day i.e. Sept 25, 2014:-

One hour motivational programme was organized. All the members of staff attended it. The Principal officiating (Kendriya Vidyalaya Azamgarh) Shri S.K. Sharma(PGT Chemistry) addressed the staff-members by highlighting the significance of cleanliness. He emphasized that proper cleaning of the Vidyalaya premise will ensure proper teaching and learning along with healthy atmosphere .He motived the members of the staff  to do all that is possible to make the drive a grand success . Duties were assigned in this respect to each and every member of the staff.

1.       After the Completion of motivational session the member of the staff went out to clean the park close to the Assembly ground. The entire park was cleaned ,suitably. The Tagore garden was cleaned by the member of staff.Every member of the staff participated in the mentioned activities whole heartedly.

2.       Cleaning of areas in the front of Library , Chemistry Lab, Art Room was also under taken and the same was done nicely.

3.        Students also took part in this mass cleaning campaign.


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